Cafephile Lesson # 3

How to brew coffee?

To brew a perfect cup of coffee is a troublesome task sometimes, knowing all the several techniques of doing this task may help you do it with fun and getting that perfect mug of coffee for yourself and your loved ones.

There are several methods by which you can brew your coffee for that exclusive mug of coffee. These methods are:

  1. By your self: Yes you, you can brew your coffee on your own. You just need to do a few steps to get that mug of coffee ready. So now if you want a hot cup boil up the milk or water, but if you wish for that chilled mug then just fill a cup with cold milk or water, you can also add ice cubes with it. Now add the coffee powder to the boiling or chilled water/ milk and mix it well. For the cold mug, you can also use any of your hand or food blenders. And yes, you're done. You have your self brewed cup of coffee ready with you. But be careful as some coffee powders are not the instant ones and thus cannot be brewed using this method.
  2. The Espresso machine: Available in various shapes and sizes this machine gives you your proper Espresso shot for those refreshing moments. This is the best one for the hard coffee lovers. It will brew your coffee in just 20-30 seconds.
  3. Moka Pot: Also known as Stovetop Espresso Brewing machine uses a three-chambered brew process. This one gives you a strong tasting mug of coffee in just 5 minutes.
  4. Aeropress: This is a three-piece tool machine. A simple yet significant way to brew your coffee. It gives you a clean, smooth, and creamy cup of coffee in just a minute.
  5. French Press: To get that proper french press coffee cup, this is the one you require. Following appropriate instructions, you will get your proper french press coffee mug in 10 minutes. The cup of coffee you get is full of flavor and aromatic.
  6. The SoftBrew: Offering a variant of tiny holes this machine helps you put any size grinds in it. It gives you cleaner than yet similar to french press coffee cup. It gives you a special cup in 4-8 minutes.

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